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Visuddha Chakra - Fifth Energy Center

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Visuddha Chakra - Fifth Energy Center
Chakra : Throat
Location : Center and base of throat
Gland : Parathyroid & Thyroid
Areas of Body : Bronchial, Vocal, Lungs, Ears, Respiratory System
Function : Communication, Expression of higher spiritual will

Visuddha Chakra - Fifth Energy Center
The Visuddha Chakra is also called the throat chakra, by virtue of its location in the throat. This is the center for speech, sound, vibration, and inspiration.

A well-balanced Visuddha Chakra embodies the person with the skills of effective communication and expression of ideas. The person also experiences extreme serenity and devotion. Some of the positive energy influences of this chakra manifest as faith, protection, courage contentment and obedience.

The unbalanced energy seeks to express as arrogance, a desire to exert control over others, indulge in gossip and loose talk and even cowardice.

Highlights of Visuddha Chakra

It has 16 petals

It radiates the color blue.

Parts of the body influenced by this chakra are thyroid, lungs, mouth, teeth, and throat.

Gemstones that benefit this chakra are sapphire, turquoise, blue topaz, lapis lazuli.

Behavioral Characteristics
One who enters Vishudda Chakra becomes master of his entire self. Here all elements (tattvas) dissolve into pure and self-luminous akasha. Only the tanmatras remain--the subtle frequencies of those elements.

Five work organs are employed in the creation of all karmas: hands, feet, mouth, sex organs, and anus. In addition, there are five koshas (sheaths) of consciousness: the gross, the moving, the sensory, the intellectual, and the feeling. Five is the number of balance, one with two on either side. Being an odd number, five is linked with the solar numbers. The ruling planet of Vishudda Chakra is Jupiter, which in Sanskrit is called Guru, the one who imparts knowledge.

Earth dissolves into water and remains in the second chakra as the essence of smell. Water evaporates in the fiery third chakra and remains as the essence of taste. The form of fire enters the fourth chakra and remains there as the essence of form and of vision. The air of the fourth chakra enters into akasha and becomes pure sound. Akasha embodies the essence of all five elements; it is without color, smell, taste, touch, or form--free of any gross elements.

Vishudda Chakra governs between the ages of twenty-eight and thirty-five. The person motivated by the fifth chakra sleeps from four to six hours nightly, changing sides.

The distracting nature of the world, the senses, and the mind ceases to be a problem. Supreme reasoning overcomes the elements and the emotions of the heart. The person will seek only that knowledge which is true, beyond the limitations of time, cultural conditioning, and heredity. The main problem encountered in the fifth chakra is negative intellect, which may occur through the ignorance of using knowledge unwisely.

Vishudda Chakra encompasses the five planes of jnana (awareness), thus bestowing bliss; prana (the vital force throughout the body), thus affecting a balance of all the elements; apana (air that cleanses the body); and vyana (air that regulates blood flow). Jana Loka (the human plane) becomes vital, for here one receives communication of divine wisdom with the sixteen-dimensional, experiential realms, thus bringing about the true birth of man.

One who enters the plane of Vishudda Chakra follows knowledge, the path that leads to man's true birth into the divine state. All the elements are transmuted into their refined essence, their purest manifestation. When this occurs, being is established in pure consciousness. A person becomes "chitta", free of the fetters of the world and the master of his total self. The Vishudda Chakra embodies *chit*, or cosmic consciousness.

Sound, Creative identity, oriented to self-expression. This is the chakra located in the throat and is thus related to communication and creativity. Here we experience the world symbolically through vibration, such as the vibration of sound representing language. Creative.

Governs speech, hearing ,communication self expression

Deities within the Vishuddha Chakra
Visuddha Chakra - Fifth Energy Center
Counterclockwise from the bottom: Ambara, Sadashiva, Shakini

Swadhishthana Chakra - Second Energy Center
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